Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stefanie & Rob - Engagement | Gooseberry Falls

There are two good things about shooting a session in the rain at Gooseberry Falls. The first is there are no other people around cluttering up your picture (which is unheard of). Secondly, shooting in unusual situations means you're not going to end up with the usual pictures. As I was driving up to Gooseberry State Park and the rain started coming down, I kept expecting a phone call from Stefanie to cancel and reschedule. It never came. They were already down by the falls waiting for me in the rain. All the sane people were heading out, but there we were. I always tell clients that I'll shoot in anything they're willing to stand out in, and, this time, I had to make good. :-) Just had to post a few from this amazing session. My favorite is the last one:

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