Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cassie & Steven - Wedding | Washburn, WI

Cassie and Steven planned a small, simple wedding, but they wanted a unique and beautiful setting in which to exchange vows. First of all, it takes an adventurous couple to plan an outdoor wedding in February, but that's not the half of it. Their first choice for a location was going to require a one mile hike along the shore of Lake Superior, but unfortunately, that location proved to be inaccessible. The final location was decided to be in Washburn, WI, in between Bayfield and Ashland. It proved to be just as beautiful.

We've been a part of wedding's on Lake Superior many times before, but this was the first time the wedding was physically ON the lake. The ice, that is. The arctic sun was incredibly strong and made the 28 degree air temperature feel much warmer. And now, some pictures:

On the ice:

Kelly's picture:

This just struck me as oddly humorous:

I like this one:

Here's a behind the scenes of the above picture featuring your's truly. Taken by Kelly.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


We have a number of options for beautiful, modern flush mount albums and coffee table books to fit every budget. We can create something completely custom for our clients that will be unlike any other album.

This is one of our premium wedding album options. We call it our "metallic" album because it features a solid metal cover and the pages are printed on metallic photo paper. It is very unique and very high quality.

A leather briefcase is included for storage and protection of this album.

It features a solid metal cover with imprinted image.

Pages are printed on metallic photographic paper which offers a unique pearlescent surface.

Pages are thick and durable.

This is another option we offer in our premium wedding albums. This is a two-toned leather bound edition with many options of leather colors and textures. It comes in a quality presentation box for protection and storage.

Cloth sleeve included for additional protection.

Pages are also very thick on this album and feature rounded corners for additional protection.

Two-tone leather cover is completely customizable with a variety of colors and textures.

Square bound for durability.

Full page spreads are printed edge to edge.

The 1mm gutter is the smallest in the industry.

And finally, this is our very popular coffee table book. This option still includes such premium features as a canvas photo cover and hinged pages which lay flat for easy full-spread viewing. The pages are 110 lbs photographic paper with a glossy finish.

Full bleed printing and lay-flat pages mean gorgeous two-page spreads.

Here's the detail of the canvas photo cover.

The hinged pages mean a minimal gutter.